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Meet Catherine

Internationally Accredited Purpose Coach

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be successful.

What did success look like to me?


Marriage, children, family, great circle of friends, high flying job, good car, owning a home, a big family holiday a year, weekends away and the money to be able to socialise regularly.


I have always pushed myself hard and constantly taken strides to do better. Never really been a person to settle and always known what my next step is.


If you were looking in on my life, I was successful. I did well at school, got a degree, got a great job and climbed the management ladder. I loved my career, being able to help people and watch them grow in a fast-paced industry, whilst doing this I fell in love, got married, gained a stepdaughter and had eight years of ‘the perfect life’.


However, over the space of a few months my whole world came crashing down.

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•    What makes you happy?
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•    Just do it
•    Your legacy
•    Imperfect action
•    Keep breathing
•    Clarity
•    Get help

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