Meet Catherine

Internationally Accredited Purpose Coach

Meet Catherine

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be successful.

What did success look like to me?


Marriage, children, family, great circle of friends, high flying job, good car, owning a home, a big family holiday a year, weekends away and the money to be able to socialise regularly.


I have always pushed myself hard and constantly taken strides to do better. Never really been a person to settle and always known what my next step is.

If you were looking in on my life, I was successful. I did well at school, got a degree, got a great job and climbed the management ladder. I loved my career, being able to help people and watch them grow in a fast-paced industry, whilst doing this I fell in love, got married, gained a stepdaughter and had eight years of ‘the perfect life’.



However, over the space of a few months my whole world came crashing down.

My husband had an affair with a friend, I never saw it coming I was crushed. Literally in a matter of days we had gone from returning from holiday, trying for a baby, looking to buy a new home to everything been thrown up in the air.

I forgave and we started to work on our marriage together.

A few months later I found out that they were soon to have a baby. A baby that we had tried so hard to have for the previous 8 years. We still believed we could make it work and that is what we both wanted, and we continued to try for months and months. Dealing with all the things that were being thrown at us.

I went from feeling like I could achieve anything to barely being able to function.

There was too much going on and I just couldn’t

seem to find my way out.


I was lost. I spent months clinging on to any

semblance of reality.


I didn’t feel like I was enough for anyone or



I stood by my husband in every way possible.

Mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.


I felt guilty.


I felt like a failure.


I felt ashamed.


I put a smile on my face and tried to navigate

my way through the world I was living in.


I realised though that I was just putting plasters

over things.


I realised I was lost in so many ways.


I was not motivated.

I was burnt out.


My smile and cheery outlook that had been such

a big part of me was gone.


From the outside I still appeared to have everything; career, family, nice house etc. But nobody really

knew what was happening on the inside and the baggage that came with my husband’s affair and

the ever-changing scene of events.


On the inside, I was full of self-doubt and questions about whether I was enough, where I had messed

up, what could I have done differently. Why me?


Then my marriage was over after a long time of

fighting for it. Simply, too much had happened, to

many lies, to many other girls involved. I couldn’t

live wondering where he was and who he was with.

Trust was too important to me and it had gone. I struggled with the fact I had been so easily replaced repeatedly.

I knew I had given it my all. However, I was crushed,

I was broken. I still loved him. My world had finally shattered.

Whilst all this was happening, having worked for an organisation and built a brand they decided to go

down a different route which left me surplus to requriements. The job I had given absolutely

everything to. I had worked for years and years at my career and I was proud of what I had achieved.

Missed out on so many special events and now seemingly for what?  


Everything was gone literally in the blink of an eye.


My goals were not relevant.


My future was not relevant.

I had no purpose.

What was I going to do?

Something had to change.

So, then I began a journey to simply save my life.


I began a journey to find out where and who I wanted to be.


So, I started looking into how I could develop myself.


I had to find my purpose.


I read!


I listened to podcasts!


I listened to music!


I sat and did nothing!


I got help!

I went on a journey of self-discovery!


I realised I had stopped looking after myself. I was bottom of the pack every time. I hated myself, I didn’t prioritise myself, I didn’t love myself.


I realised that things hadn’t happened to me. They had happened for me. That I could work through all my life experiences and make a difference to other people with them.


I had juggled a successful career and family, but I had forgotten to take care of myself.


So, I trained as an accredited coach, whilst receiving coaching myself to transform myself. As well as helping others, something I have always loved, I have been on a remarkable journey learning about myself.


I have learnt the power of me.


I have learnt that everything I need is within me.


I have learnt what my purpose is and how I am going to achieve it.


I have learnt that by using different techniques on myself I can achieve anything.

I have learnt how important it is to speak to yourself positively.


I have learnt that if you don’t fill your own cup up first and make sure you are in a good place then there is nothing left to give to anybody else.


I have learnt not to look for answers from people.


I have learnt how to change my habits and put positive ones in place.


I have learnt how to change and control my thoughts.


I have learnt that I am enough on my own. I don’t need anybody or anything else to define me.


Lastly, I have learnt to not overthink stuff and to simply take things day by day.


Now, I am in a strong place.


I have a wonderful new career where I get to help other people overcome the barriers and challenges in their life. I can now help people find their belief again.

I thought I would never find my purpose again and smile, but I have, and I know you can to.


If you can resonate with my story and think I can help you, book a discovery call now.

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