What Will You Do?

I was tired, sad & lost. I couldn’t avoid how I was feeling inside.

I spent all of my time running round making sure everyone else was ok.

I’d completely lost me mentally, physically & I soon realised emotionally.

I didn’t realise that actually I needed to be selfish.

I needed to look after me first.

I needed to love myself.

Treat myself right.

Then I could help those I loved.

That actually if I was in a good place then I could give my loved ones even more.

It was hard.

It was against what I did.

I wasn’t selfish.

I never said no.

Unless it was to myself.

I started to make little changes.

Time for me.

Go for a walk.

Listen to music.

Read a book.


Cook good food.

They all started adding up bit by bit.

I learnt it wasn’t a bad thing to be selfish.

You have to be selfish.

Remember start off small & take it day by day.

You do have time, you just have to make it.

What one thing can you do this week to look after you?

I’ve had my hair cut. May only be a little win but actually it’s massive for me. I’ve never been a regular at a hairdresser I could easily go 12 months plus without going!

What will you do?


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