You Can Change Your Life!

This is a reminder of what we all know but tend to forget.

It does not matter what relationship we’re in, where we live, where we work or what other people expect of us.

If we don’t like something about our current life, we have the power to change it.

Most likely, it won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is.

There are little changes we can make & then there are the major life-overhaul changes.

We often get stuck in a certain town, living with certain people, in a certain job, doing the same day in & day out.

It’s been part of my story, for sure.

At any moment, we can make different choices & change direction.

So why do we not take hold of our power & create the life we dream of?

* Sometimes, we doubt ourselves & don’t believe that we have the strength to change.

* We don’t want to feel the pain & uncomfortable feelings that come with change.

* We’ve given our power away. Sometimes to other people. What “they think” becomes more

important than what “we think”. We place more importance on others’ happiness than our own, or we mistakenly believe we are responsible for another person’s happiness.

Remember you are in control & no matter how hard the decision may seem sometimes we have to get uncomfortable to be our true-selves.


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